Session 3-4


Access to the following blog and look up for ACTIVITY 2:  Which are the five marvelous places in Sonora? and click on it, you will find the following information:

Check this link of one Marvelous Place in the State!

Plaza Zaragoza

In order to complete the Speaking Activity 1C :

1.- Students will work in teams of 5 and investigate “Five Marvelous Places in Sonora” according to the following categories:

  1. Most      important churches
  1. Most      beautiful natural features
  1. Most      ancient cities or monuments
  1. Most      interesting museums
  1. Most      popular touristic attractions

Use the following searching tools like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others; in order to gather information for your work.

2.- Each team member will have to work on one of the categories above, and locate 1 place for each category.

Each team will design a Power Point presentation with the following characteristics:

  • In the first slide write your team member´s names and the title (Five Marvelous Places in Sonora).
  • Insert a chart in which you organize the 5 marvelous places in Sonora.
  • Once I click on each place it should send me to another slide in the same presentation that will show me at least 3 characteristics of the place.
  • You may include images, videos, audio and links to other websites or documents that will give me more information about each place.
  • Use a design for the background of each slide (You can choose one suggested by Power Point).
  • Use effects on each slide, such as transitions and animations.
  • Align the images on each slide.
  • Include the URL of the web pages that you use to gather information.
  • Save your work as a Power Point document and as a Web page, use two last names of the members of your team in order to name the document, for example:

Power Point document: CARRILLO BALLESTEROS_CASTRO CARRILLO_marvelous places


  1. Also, access to the following blog:

  1. Look up for the COMMENTS section in the following link:

ACTIVITY 2:  Which are the five marvelous places in Sonora?

  1. In the COMMENTS SECTION write your team members names, copy and paste your WEB PRESENTATION URL, you will need an e mail address (You can use the one you have for DROPBOX) or you can use your FACEBOOK OR TWITTER accounts in order to write, WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE MARVELOUS PLACE IN SONORA? Write 3 ways in which you can promote its care. Give feedback to two other team´s posts and remember to follow these rules before posting your comments:
  • Treat your classmates the same as you want to be treated.
  • Respect people´s privacy.
  • Do not use capital letters only for writing your comments.
  • Check your post´s grammar and spelling.
  • Do not post every 5 minutes.
  • Do not publish embarrassing pictures.
  • Tag wisely.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Take into consideration that people are busy.
  • Make true friends.

Remember you MUST include your team´s URL WEB PRESENTATION in the COMMENTS section before posting it.